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UNY has implemented 3 (three) efforts to address the challenges of climate change and energy. First, building design applications that support natural lighting and good air circulation. The design of this building is the use of glass materials for buildings, and the design of corridors that are equipped with adequate natural ventilation. Second, a system application that saves energy use through the installation of several light sensors, fire sensors and the use of projectors that use lower... Read More ...

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The total forest area of UNY is 8,179 m2 with details: 1) Biology Garden UNY (2162 m2), 2) FIS UNY Rear Park (1809 m2), 3) Rector Park (1217 m2), 4) Rector Park (981 m2), and 5) UNY Auditorium (2010 m2) UNY Biological Garden Area has a high biodiversity. Based on Wulansari's identification and the Herbiforus UNY Botany Study Team, there were 29 plant families or 55 plant species. The results of this identification have been published in the form of a book... Read More ...


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