Energy efficient appliances usage are replacing conventional appliances

UNY has used LED lights for lighting in classrooms, meeting rooms, and other rooms. Replacement from conventional lights to LED lights is done in stages for old buildings. For the new building that was completed in 2018, one of them was the PPS UNY Lecture Building, is directly installed with LED lights. In addition to the use of LED lights, the UNY LPPM building has also applied a sensor that will turn off the lights if there are no people in the room.

The use of the latest type of projectors both in classrooms and meetings has helped save electricity usage. in addition, the use of projectors has also helped reduce the need for paper printing and usage of conventional printed banners.

To maintain security in the UNY environment, several spots in UNY buildings have been installed indoor and outdoor CCTV. This CCTV is connected to the central monitor.

The latest fire sensor application is applied in the Graduate Program UNY lecture hall. In addition to being more sensitive, this flame sensor also requires less power when compared to an old fire sensor.

Some laboratory rooms use fans to keep the room cool. The use of this fan is also supported by a vent that further facilitates the circulation of fresh air in the room.


Energy and Climate Change (EC)